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The Quintet, 1898 – 1911

Berwick Museum and Art Gallery, Northumberland

Literature and Music, Learning and Discovery

1900 – 1945

Staying in touch with people and the creative exchange of ideas can help create a sense of togetherness, especially when away from home. Today, social media and the internet are often used; but here is an example of 19th century blogging.

There are 13 volumes in the Quintet, which was formed at the turn of the 20th century by five Berwick friends. Their different careers had taken them away from the town, so they started a journal to keep in touch, each of them contributing a letter every month, accompanied by photographs and newspaper cuttings. These would be collated by an editor and circulated around the group.

The journals form a vivid snapshot of early 20th century life, made special by the artwork contributed by James Wallace (1872 -1911). He designed frontispieces for each month, and the stories of his travels and activities bring the volumes to life.

On display at Berwick Museum and Art Gallery

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