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Whittle Branch Banner, 1956 and 1985

Woodhorn, Northumberland

Mining, Craft, Social Reform

1946 To Today

Trade Union banners are important emblems to their members. The images, colours and slogans on the banner are chosen by the union branch to demonstrate their affiliations, political stance, hopes and dreams.

Unusually, in 1985 during the tough year-long miners’ strike, the Whittle banner was partially repainted. The original wording ‘Progress through Trade Unionism’ was replaced with ‘Let the Lessons of the Past Serve the Future’, with a new image serving as a warning to all striking miners.

The image shows the gibbeting on Jarrow Slake, of William Jobling, miner, who was convicted and executed for the murder of the magistrate Nicholas Fairless, during the Northumberland and Durham miners’ strike in 1832.

Design by J. Collingwood and Davison Brennan.

On display at Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives

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