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Hartley Disaster Glass, 1862

Woodhorn, Northumberland

Mining, Decorative Art and Design, Social Reform

1800 – 1899

Here is an example of creativity and social action working together.

Memorial glasses were created throughout North East England during Victorian and Edwardian times.

The glasses were etched with text and occasionally with a picture, to memorialise an event. Those that commemorated accidents were often sold to raise funds for the families of the victims.

This glass has been inscribed to remember the Hartley Colliery Disaster which occurred on 16 January 1862 and resulted in the deaths of 204 men and boys.

The enormous amount of funds raised also helped establish the Northumberland and Durham Miners Permanent Relief Fund, which helped other families of miners who had been killed or injured in their work.

By unknown maker

On display at Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives

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