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Viz magazine, 1992

Discovery Museum, Tyne and Wear

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1946 To Today

The very first issue of Viz was created by Chris Donald, working from his bedroom in his parents’ home in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, in December 1979.

The 12 page issue, produced as a fanzine for a local record label Anti-Pop Records, went on sale for 20p (30p to students!) and the run of 150 copies sold out within hours. What began as a few pages, photocopied and sold to friends, soon grew into a publishing phenomenon. By 1989, a decade after the first issue, sales had exceeded one million, making Viz the 3rd most popular magazine in the UK.

Known for its toilet humour, black comedy, surreal and sexually explicit storylines, Viz pioneered a successful format which has spawned numerous imitations. Popular characters include Roger Mellie, the Man on the Telly;  Johnny Fartpants;  and Sid the Sexist.

On display at Discovery Museum, ground floor Newcastle Story Gallery (1980s/90s era), Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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