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'Margaret & Winneford' Punch Bowl, about 1767

Laing Art Gallery, Tyne and Wear

Glass and Ceramics, Inventions, Decorative Art and Design

1600 – 1799

William Beilby was one of a family of Newcastle craftspeople famous for their enamel-painted glass. He pioneered a method for painting permanent, strong colours and fancy designs onto glassware.

The Margaret and Winneford was the first ship to be built on Hillgate Quay in Gateshead. It was launched by the Admiral of the Fleet, Sir John Forster, on
13 April 1767, and was named after his two daughters. To commemorate the launching, William Beilby was commissioned to produce this bowl, to be presented to the Admiral.

A view of the ship in full sail is painted on the front of the bowl, and on the back is the coat of arms of the Forster family. Inside the bowl on the base is painted a magnificent white swan. This bowl is the only known example of Beilby glass to feature this kind of decoration.

By William Beilby (1740-1819)

On display at the Laing Art Gallery in the Northern Spirit Gallery, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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