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North East Coast Exhibition plate, 1929

Laing Art Gallery, Tyne and Wear

Glass and Ceramics, Decorative Art and Design, Learning and Discovery

1900 – 1945

This is a commemorative plate made by Maling for the North East Coast Exhibition of 1929.

The centre depicts the River Tyne and bridges with a view of the Maling Factory in the foreground. Around the rim are four scenes from North East industry.

For nearly 200 years Maling was amongst the most important potteries of the North East. It was at one time the largest pottery in the world, and employed many local people.

Held on Exhibition Park in Newcastle in 1929, the North East Coast Exhibition not only showcased the region’s industrial achievements but also was an advertisement for local industry, especially important during the Great Depression when unemployment was high. Over four million people attended the exhibition over its six month duration. Its popularity inspired the creation of a permanent science and industry museum, which later became Discovery Museum.

The region continues with innovative festivals ranging from the Gateshead Garden Festival in 1990 and the Tall Ships Races held in Newcastle and Hartlepool to multiple arts and heritage festivals each year such as The Mela, Stockton Riverside Festival, Sunderland Air Show and The Late Shows to name but a few.

Designed by Lucien Boullemier for C.T. Maling & Sons (1762-1963)

On display at the Laing Art Gallery in the Northern Spirit Gallery, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

Also see North East Coast Exhibition memorabilia at Discovery Museum, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

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