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The Building of the Tyne Bridge, 1928

Laing Art Gallery, Tyne and Wear


1900 – 1945

This painting shows the later stages of the building of the Tyne Bridge, which was opened in 1928 by King George V. The bridge was built by Dorman, Long & Co. of Middlesbrough, who also constructed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.

As an iconic landmark for Newcastle, Tyne Bridge is a striking design feature for the city. Innovative regeneration of the Newcastle/Gateshead quayside in the 1990s transformed the landscape, making the view of the bridges one of the most popular cityscapes in the country.

The artist, Edward Dickey, was Director of King’s College School of Art (now Newcastle University) from 1926 to 1931.

Painting By Edward O’Rourke Dickey (1894-1977)

On display at the Laing Art Gallery in the Northern Spirit Gallery, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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