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Dial with Golden Stranded Horn, 1989

Shipley Art Gallery, Tyne and Wear

Decorative Art and Design

1946 To Today

This piece is part of the Shipley Art Gallery’s collection of craft and design, the largest collection of its type in the UK outside London.

Reflecting the pottery industry’s importance to North East heritage, ceramics make up the largest part of this collection. There are several significant ceramic artists working innovatively in the region today. This piece is by Christine Constant who was Gateshead’s first artist in residence, in 1987-9.

In this object the delicate 'horn' has been constructed over a central 'dial'. Clay shrinks during firing, so the dial and horn were fired together to ensure a perfect fit. Rakuware (raku, meaning 'enjoyment') is associated with Japanese tea drinking ceremonies.

By Christine Constant (born 1958)

On display at the Shipley Art Gallery, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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