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Rummer, 1842

Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, Tyne and Wear

Glass and Ceramics, Decorative Art and Design

1800 – 1899

The first glass made in Sunderland was by immigrant French glassmakers brought in by Benedict Biscop during the 7th century for the windows of the church of St Peter in Monkwearmouth.

In the late 17th century known glass production in Sunderland involved bottle and window glass factories, but there was almost certainly some domestic glass made.

By the 19th century the Wear Bridge was a popular subject for local engravers and was often found on rummers. Sunderland glass houses produced a large quantity of these souvenirs between about 1800 and 1860.

This Sunderland rummer shows Michael Smith jumping off the Wear Bridge for a publicity stunt in September 1842. Two rowing boats, with two men in each, are below the bridge ready to rescue him. Michael Smith was an American sailor. He made two jumps from the Wear Bridge on 7th and 15th September 1842. His second jump attracted a crowd of 15,000.

By probably Booth, Vint and French, Deptford, Sunderland

On display at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, Glorious Glass Gallery

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