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Nissan Bluebird, 1986

Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, Tyne and Wear

Heavy Industry, Firsts

1946 To Today

The Nissan 2.0SGX Bluebird was the first car produced at the Nissan car plant in Sunderland and this car, JOB 1, was the first car off the production line, on 8 July 1986.

As the traditional industries of shipbuilding and coalmining were being wound down in the 1980s, car manufacturing was brought in as a new employer to Tyne and Wear. Nissan has since become a significant employer not only in its own right but also as a catalyst for the creation of many more related motor parts industries which have also brought new employment opportunities to the region. The factory opened in 1986 and is now the largest car plant in the UK.

By Nissan

On display at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Time Machine gallery

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