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Iron and Coal, 1861

Wallington, National Trust, Northumberland

Heavy Industry, Fine Art and Sculpture

1800 – 1899

This painting shows how the North East’s industry and innovation helped industrialise the world.

The depiction of men, women and children participating in commerce, invention and education illustrates an era filled with confidence about what could be achieved. There is even a sporting reference to Harry Clasper, the famous rower.

The depiction of one of the Trevelyan family, in the centre of the painting, shown as an ordinary workman, creates a sense of romantic fairness and equality, which is very much a part of the spirit of place at Wallington. The painting is the last in a series of eight, celebrating north country life and history.

Below the painting are the words, “In the nineteenth century, the Northumbrians show the world what can be done with iron and coal.” What will we do in the 21st century?

By William Bell Scott (1811-1890)

On display at Wallington, National Trust

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