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The Wycliffe Cross

The Bowes Museum, Durham

Learning and Discovery

600 – 1200

This is a fragment of the upper part of the cross-shaft and lower arm of the cross-head of an 8th century Anglo-Saxon cross.

Its significance lies in the fact that it represents a form of dialect and carving which links it to the Northumbrian tradition and therefore makes it an important remnant of the history of this region and a major survival from the time of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

The fragment bears a partially legible inscription which has been translated as a Northumbrian dialect of Anglo-Saxon. It reads:
The sense of this is probably- Bada (erected?) a monument in memory of Berehtuini. The fragment has an interlaced knot at the top, the only surviving ornament on it.

The cross-shaft was purchased by The Bowes Museum with the aid of a grant from the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund, in 1986.

On display at The Bowes Museum

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