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Locomotion No. 1, 1825

Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum, Tees Valley

Railways, Firsts

1800 – 1899

Locomotion No. 1 was the first locomotive to transport fare-paying passengers on a public railway. 

Built in 1825 by Robert Stephenson and Company at Forth Street Works in Newcastle, this steam locomotive was designed for the Stockton and Darlington Railway.

Edward Pease was aware of George Stephenson’s works on the development of steam locomotives at Killingworth Colliery and met with him to discuss the use of steam locomotive power rather than horse power on his railway, as a locomotive could do the work of 50 horses.

Locomotion, originally known as Active, was one of the first locomotives to use coupling rods rather than chains to drive its 0-4-0 wheel arrangement.

is part of the National Collection and is on loan from the National Railway Museum.

By Robert Stephenson and Company (1823-1962)

On display at Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum

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