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North Eastern Railway parcel van, 1904

Stephenson Railway Museum, Tyne and Wear

Railways, Firsts

1900 – 1945

This parcel van, No. 3267, is one of two built in 1904 for use on the newly electrified North Eastern Railway on Tyneside. The railway was Britain’s first local electric railway system.

Parcel vans were used to carry newspapers, parcels and fish. During busy summer months the vans were sometimes used to carry passengers. Both
original parcel vans were converted into de-icing vans in 1938 and then withdrawn from service in 1967.

The North Eastern Railway lines that ran from Newcastle to the Coast went on to become part of today’s Metro system.

By North Eastern Railways

On display at Stephenson Railway Museum, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

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